CANDY box, DISNEY pencil CASE door confetti, MICKEY mouse and DONALD duck - MINNIE and DAISY c

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Boxes portaconfetti DISNEY
"Mickey mouse and Donald duck" or "MINNIE and DAISY"
 Cases portaconfetti in the shape of a trunk with a trunk-container
Two subjects assorted
Size container chest: 26x22x33h cm
Size duffle bag portaconfetti: 5x6x9h cm
Height means the measurement from the base of the trunk up to'the endà top of the silhouette of the subjects
Each box is full of confetti CRISPO
The type of confetti 5 confetti chocolate Heart-shaped available in colours, pink ,blue and assorted colors
On request it is possible to change the type of confetti
With a CARD CUSTOMIZED to Your choice
THE PRICE IS' REFERS TO A BOX Full of confetti, and a CARD
Each 32 boxes, container chest free, otherwise the cost is € 5